How do we work?

How to translate our Slogan: "Einfach gute Feuerwerke!"

"Feuerwerke" that means in English "Fireworks". That's easy. But "einfach gut? There are more than one way to translate:
1. "we offer just good Firework displays " or
2. "easy going, we don't think and work useless and unprofitable complicate"
Our sophisticated equipment is state of the art

the shooting system as well

as our full computerized ignition system

...and that's " einfach gut" for our customer! In this case you can interpret "profitable for our customer".

3. or you may translate "it's easy to deal with us"
Our well-stocked warehouse is real huge. So that we can offer any kind of display shows at any time. "Einfach gut" means here "convenient for our customer."

Try us and finally you will translate "Simply the best firework displays!"

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